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In this article, you are going to find a review on Breville’s latest espresso home machine today. This is the bambino and it’s one of the smallest machines yet. It’s also of the very smallest range with great extra features thus it’s actually very affordable to you. Find more such articles and blogs with product reviews on

Starting off with the physical characters, it’s about 12 inches in length and 7 inches wide. And about 12 inches in height, leaving. Avery small counter footprint. You have a full water tank attached on the back that can hold 1.4 fluid liters, which is pretty impressive for something of this size.

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The front of the coffee maker is also pretty standard; a steam wand and on the very top you’ve got your controls, which has four buttons. This includes your group head setting, hot water setting for your steamer and also the cold-water settings so you can easily choose between which kind of coffee you want to have in the morning. Visit for more such blogs on coffee makers and its reviews. 

If you take a look inside the filter – this machine does come with two different basket sizes. The smaller one stores less coffee and ultimately yields less coffee shots. So, if you are a big mug coffee drinker then you would not prefer that. You can use the double shot basket size to fit in the filter. Well, I too barely use the smaller one.

Next thing is the steamer which has a really nice black guard on it so that you can touch the steamer easily even when it gets too hot. Sometimes, the coffee machines’ steamer burns your fingers since it’s too hot to touch. Therefore, having this guard would clearly save your day.

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On the back, it’s very easy to pull up your coffee maker’s water tank at the back of the machine. Just pull up your lid and put the water till the tank gets filled up and just close the lid. The fluid can go up to 1.4 liters which is a sufficient amount and will last several days to a week, if you are a one-person user of a coffee maker.

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I do want to mention, one of the nicest features of this machine is that it takes literally seconds to reach optimal brewing temperature. Usually, other coffee makers have to give at least a minute to several minutes to reach the optimal temperature. In order to heat it up. So, if you are running late for work or want some quick shots of coffee. Just turn on the machine and press the heater, and have coffee within less than a minute.

Now, the Breville’s coffee maker comes in two settings, the single shots and the double shot. The double shot comes in 60 milliliters of coffee while the single shot comes in 30 milliliters of coffee.  

 However, these are the standard settings in which you can get a coffee with an extremely creamy texture but if you want, you can also get the machine to your own custom settings. 

Well, this was pretty much it about the Breville’s coffee maker. If you are planning to get a new coffee maker for yourself, then this would be a great recommendation from my side and would make the morning shots ready for you.